Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has found himself in more hot water for refusing to testify in a civil suit brought by a former member of his security detail.

Tony Davis, an ex-Detroit police officer, has accused Kilpatrick of wrongful termination after Davis threatened to go public with details about Kilpatrick’s activities, including the “Manoogian Mansion” party where Tamara Greene, an exotic dancer, danced for Kilpatrick and was allegedly later assaulted by Kilpatrick’s wife. Greene was later murdered.

Tim Sargent, a courier who attempted to serve a subpoena to Kilpatrick, said the former mayor refused to sign it. Sargent claims he was disrespected and was kept away from Kilpatrick.

“I told him, ‘Mr. Kilpatrick, I have a subpoena for you.’ He told me to get out of his way,” Sargent said. “He told his guards to keep me away from him.”

Davis stands to receive a sizable amount of money if the jury rules in his favor. However, lawyers representing the City of Detroit indicated they believe Davis filed the lawsuit only because other former Kilpatrick associates have received approximately $8.4 million in recent years for wrongful terminations.

But, according to the Detroit News, the lawyers representing the City of Detroit said they are not contesting any of Davis’ claims of Kilpatrick’s misconduct, including Kilpatrick meeting with two “street women” in a hotel where his wife and children were staying and spending long nights with former Chief of Staff Christine Beatty.