A two-year pay freeze signed into law for federal employees on the General Schedule pay scale has now been extended to hundreds of thousands of civil servants who are paid under a different pay scale.

In an executive order signed into law by President Obama last week, employees covered by what is called the administratively determined pay scale, an estimated 30 percent of all federal employees, will also see a two-year freeze in their pay as the President continues to try to make cuts.

Employees covered under these cuts include Department of Veterans Affairs workers, as well as administrative law judges and lawyers, auditors and other employees in the financial sector at agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Under the administratively determined pay scale, wages are set by the individual agencies which have more leeway and flexibility in setting pay competitively with private industry.

Also included in the freeze are the vice president, Congress, and members of the Senior Executive Service, comprised of a small number of managers whose pay exceeds the highest level on the GS scale.

While the freeze will stop locality-based cost of living increases, regular step increases for employees on the GS scale will still be honored.

No decision has been made for federal air traffic controllers, who are unionized, and whose pay is set by a collective bargaining agreement. White House officials are expected to address that matter next week according to The Washington Post.