Parks & People Foundation along with the Maryland Master Gardener Program came together in support for a tree planting for the late Freddie Gray, May 30, in the 1700 block of Presbury Street. Kliffi Blackstone of the Parks & People Foundation Community Forestry Project Organizer and Cathy Allen organizer for this event from The Maryland Master Gardener Program designed to train volunteer horticultural educators for University of Maryland Extension.


After receiving 40-50 hours of basic training from University of Maryland professionals, Marylanders then have knowledge of how to cultivate garden spaces and manage landscapes sustainably using research-based information. Then they agree to work in their communities. On this day at Baltimore’s Gilmore Homes many supporters and volunteers, young, old, from the community, and not, came together among many neighborhood memorials:  Beautiful murals located on 1700 Block of Presbury St. and the 1700 Block of N. Fulton Avenue, and Freddie Gray Garden located at the corner of the 1600 Blk. of N. Mount St. and 1700 Block of Presbury St. It was hot, the work was hard, but even the little kids persevered and smiled as they worked to change their environment.

The trees planted represent new life, color amongst the cement, kids growing up with the trees, and Baltimore on the mend as this is planned to continue with both organizers into the court yards, school lawns, and more communities.