When Mychea Writes began writing her first book in 2007, she never thought she’d be preparing to see it brought to life on stage. Now the Landover Hills native has taken a lifelong love of storytelling and is running with it.

Her love for writing was cultivated from a young age with the help of her mother.

She said she’d known for a long time that she wanted to write her own books. “I started writing a long time ago when I was very young,” said Mychea. “I used to have a very vivid imagination because my mom would have me read all the time.”

She said the process of getting started hasn’t been easy though. She said finding support was the hardest thing to do. “Trying to get an agent, trying to get somebody to believe in your work and to back it takes a lot of perseverance and dedication,” she said. “I heard the word ‘no’ a lot.”

One thing she was able to count on was her friends, who gave her good feedback about her work. She said after that, her popularity began to grow she was able to get the support she needed to not only write one book, but a series.

That series is about friendships and romantic relationships. The first of her books, Coveted, which is being produced as a stage play, was inspired by a real event from her personal life. “I actually started the book because I got stood up for a date and I was pissed off,” she said. “I just sat down and started writing from a character’s point of view.”

As for getting the book turned into a stage play, Mychea says it was motivated by people, who wanted to see the book turned into action. “People wanted to see a movie so bad, but I haven’t finished the series yet,” she said. “I have one more to go. To all the faithful readers that have read parts one and two and are patiently waiting for three, I thought I’d give them something to look forward to. I went back to my main book and slowly turned it into a play.”

Coveted features five different characters, whose storylines converge at the end akin to the movie Crash, according to the Prince George’s native. The second novel, Vengeance, picks up where Coveted leaves off.

Mychea says the third installment, which she hopes to finish by the end of the year, will make her fans just as happy as the first two books. “Fans can look forward to the same thing they fell in love with in part one, but it’ll be much more twists and turns,” she said. “Maybe there will be another spin-off later on in life.”

The opening of “Coveted” is set for July 10 at THEARC Theatre at 1901 Mississippi Ave. S.E. Washington, D.C. at 5 p.m.


George Barnette

Special to the AFRO