Presidential Inauguration brought a sense of relief and pride to P.G. County family

The swearing in of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris meant a great deal to the Brown family, as HBCU graduates and members of Black greek organizations. (Photo by Jordan Brown)

By Jordan D. Brown
Special to the AFRO

“Finally!” Jonathan Brown shouted as Joe Biden was sworn into office on Jan. 20 as the 46th U.S. President during the 59th Presidential Inauguration. 

Brown watched the ceremony from home with his parents and felt a sense of relief once Biden was officially sworn in along with Vice President Kamala Harris.

As Brown watched the inauguration, he was unsure what to expect following the immense threats on the Capitol after the Jan. 6 insurrection, however he was pleased with the end result.

“I didn’t think anything bad was going to happen due to the strengthening of security,” said Brown, “But, the inauguration did give me some relief from the previous administration, and I am happy to see the new administration with the goal of unifying America is in operation.”

Parents Bill and Wanda Brown are both graduates of Historically Black Colleges as well as members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Seeing Kamala Harris, a Howard University alumna and member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority being sworn into office instilled an immense amount of pride in their hearts.

Wanda Brown of Bowie, Md. wore her pearls and an Alpha Kappa Alpha sweater to honor her fellow sorority sister, Vice President Kamala Harris. (Photo by Jordan Brown)

When Harris placed her hand on Thurgood Marshall’s bible, Wanda Brown cheered with joy. She wore her pearls and an AKA sweater to honor her fellow sorority sister. As she watched Harris take the stand, Brown thought of the women who set the foundation to establish her sorority.

“I think it was a dream come true for the founders of Alpha Kappa Alpha to see a member of our organization to become the first Black vice president,” she said, “So it makes us AKAs proud.”

While Biden and Harris’ transition of power was the key focus of the inauguration, one of the moments that stuck with Bill Brown the most was Amanda Gorman, 22, the youngest poet to perform at a presidential inauguration. 

“Who is that?” Bill Brown asked. He was moved by her words and wanted to know more about the intelligent young speaker.

“It was very inspirational,” Brown continued, “She reminds me of the younger version of Maya Angelou.”

The writer is a daughter and sibling of the family in this article. Jordan Brown is a student at Morgan State University School of Global Journalism and Communication.