The dreaded red light and speed cameras that have become the scourge of motorists have also become the latest tool of scam artists, Prince George’s County, Md. police said.

The department is warning residents to beware of a scam and has issued a consumer alert.

In at least two cases, a caller posed as a police officer and contacted victims. The potential marks were told that they had failed to attend court hearings for red light/speed camera violations. They were ordered to go to a particular store to pay a fine or risk having a warrant for their arrest issued, according to a police statement.

Police said the amount the victims were ordered to pay was “substantial.”

“PGPD and other law enforcement agencies do not make phone calls requesting citizens bring payments to a business, nor do we arrest for this civil offense,” police said.

Payments for red light/camera violations are required to be sent by mail or paid electronically via a website posted on the violation notice.

Motorists who are contacted are asked to the Prince George’s County Police Department Automated Traffic Enforcement office at (301) 955-0790 during business hours or call 911.