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Krystal Hamlet, Credit Specialist
“I have been very impressed with the Affordable Healthcare Act so far. It was because of this act, that my place of employment now provides health insurance for employee – at an affordable and efficient cost. I am thankful because without being insured my medical bills consisted of headaches, heartache and being misdiagnosed numerous times – allowing me not to receive the proper treatments.”
Shana Swain, Senior Secretary
“Not to throw in union propaganda, but my benefits are not the norm, which is why I would probably never leave my job willingly. The benefits alone probably put me close to, if not over, a six-figure salary. This type of coverage for my family is priceless, what they did to those public workers in Wisconsin is shameful. Give people the right to have collective bargaining so that they too can provide for their families.”

Kewanna Hayward, Information Security Consultant
“I’m not directly affected by this new bill due to the fact my current healthcare coverage is provided by my employer. My Aetna plan is defined by the ‘Affordable Care Act’ as a “grandfathered plan.” During the next open season, I plan to inquire if my plan will fall under the new act. I would like to take advantage of some of the advantages written in the bill that affect women, such as lower premiums and preventive care without copay.”
Renita Farrington, Administrative Officer
“An increase in my premium is expected and less plan coverage toward certain services which would be more out of pocket for me. When I was pregnant I was in a group with other pregnant women across the country, and several conversations came up about what their doctors would no longer do, like numerous sonograms and what their plans didn’t cover.”

Adrian McQueen, IT Specialist
“It will help the people who get into accidents and need immediate surgeries that send them into financial ruin. My family members with health issues now don’t have to worry about being rejected for pre-existing conditions. The insured and the taxpayers pay for unpaid hospital bills and ER visits, with raised premiums.”