According to The Associated Press, 51-year-old music icon Prince is facing a number of financial woes, including unpaid taxes in his home state, Minnesota, and a whopping fine from Irish concert promoters for skipping out on a concert.

The report shows that Prince, born Prince Rogers Nelson, is listed on the Carver County, Minn., tax records as owing more than $500,000 in back taxes, fines and interest for his record company, PRN Music Corp., in 2009.

Taxpayer services manager Laurie Engelen told the AP a notification letter was sent to the award-winning artist on Feb. 15 about the taxes, and they received no response. If Prince does not pay his outstanding debts, Engelen said the county will file with the court in May.

In addition, Prince has come under fire in Ireland for failing to perform at a concert in Dublin. In 2008, the Purple Rain crooner was slated to perform before thousands, but pulled out of the engagement days before with no explanation. MCD, the concert promoters, claimed the star was paid $1.5 million — half of his total payment — before the show. According to the AP’s report, promoters said it cost them $950,000 to secure the venue and the 55,000 tickets sold had to be refunded.

In March, a judge ordered Prince to pay $2.95 million to MCD.