(Reprint of an original October 12, 1935 AFRO article) Many happy children assembled at the AFRO building, Saturday, October 5, to receive awards for work done during the Clean Block Campaign.

Because of the tie between the four hundred block of East Twenty-third Street and the Twenty-four hundred block of McCulloh Street, a double award was made.

The AFRO Clean Block Campaign began in 1935. This article details the winners of that first contest.

All signers in each book received pins and certificates.

Sylvia Johnson received five dollars and a genuine cowhide zipper brief case, the latter the Rev. A.J. Mitchell award for the block showing the most improvement.

Elizabeth Conaway received five dollars because her block rated highest in absolute cleanliness.

The following children each received two dollars because of the high rating received by their blocks: Blanch Earket, Elaine Stevens, Lois Johnson, James Harge, Rhoda Bowman and Esther Haskins.

The following children each received one dollar for industry and co-operation as well as excellence in rating: Doris Ridout, Doris Gardner, Judson Kerr, Lula Eaton, Bernard Harris, Paul Bruce, Mildred Gray, Edward Britain, Ethelyn Edwards, Genesta Gilbert, Ellis Larkins, Bernice Clayton, Emily Peck, Sara Sheppard, Ella Stith, Clarice Bond, Franklin Gladden, Doris Marshall, Jerome Harrison, Mary Payne, Bruce McCray, Ruth Jones, Mary Crosson, Rebecca Wilson, Bernard Wright, Harriet Nelson and Alice Emmanuel.

For having the cleanest block on Madison Avenue, George Carter received a cowhide zipper brief case, the gift of Marse Callaway.

The Bragg award “Men of Maryland” was given to Mrs. Aurelia Bush, a teacher in the public schools.

The L. Pauline Ford award, a cowhide zipper school bag, was given to Ethel Stewart of Gold Street for devising ways to get her block clean.

The Mascelia Smith awards, two note books each, were given to Merrial Sorrell and Elizabeth Blacken.

The following children received either pens or pencils: Lilly Crosson, Carlean Giles, Melvin McCoy, Ruth Tartar, Marjorie Kinney, Virginia Wise, Geraldine Cruse, Mary Woodland, Gloria Minor, Doris Mercer, Arnetta Murphy, Doris Buckner, Charlotte Marshall, Patricia Murphy, Mary Hendershot, Gwendolyn Conaway, Betty Williams, Mattie Crosson, Frances Murphy, Clarence Gittings, Ferdinando Price, Vera Bennett, Leona Brown, Dorothy Smith, Florence Smith, Iris Tutt, Mary Holt, Mabel Gilmore, Frederick Thomas, Doris Jackson, Lucille Washington, Elizabeth White, Mattie Crosson, Catherine Spriggs, Edward Beckler and Mrs. J.B. Makel.

Speeches were made to the group by Mrs. Buckner, Mr. Giles and Joseph J. Philbin of the Security Life Insurance Company.

Mr. Philbin told the children to follow Joe Louis in leading a clean life, then they too would be strong and healthy.

After singing the campaign songs and reciting their aims the juniors had their pictures taken. Each promised to keep his block clean during the coming year.