Noted entrepreneur and travel blogger Tracey Friley recently finalized a major deal with to help fund her new initiative, The Passport Party Project.

Friley’s Project will host small parties for girls ages 11 to 15 geared toward completing all the steps necessary to venture beyond America’s Borders.

The program began in 2011, after Friley realized that parents involving their children in her international travel camps often had difficulties securing necessary documents to jet off to camp destinations such as the Caribbean and Europe. decided to sponsor the travel portion of the program after hearing Friley speak at the 2011 Travel Blog Exchange Conference (TBEX) in Vancouver, B.C.

“Having a passport has the potential to change how a young girl views herself and her place in the world,” said Tracey Friley on “It’s as much about the possibilities as it is about hopping a plane. I’m honored to be a part of a global awareness initiative that has the potential to create explorers, and ecstatic that Expedia shares my view.”

In total, about 100 girls will benefit from the program, with six girls also winning a trip overseas to experience a culture from another part of the globe. The cost of the passport is covered by the Project, and the one-day workshop includes other exciting activities such as bowling and lunch along with time set aside for passport applications.

“Too often women tend to live vicariously through other people whether it be taking care of their partners, children,” said Baltimore resident Ebony Boney, a senior at Morgan State who plans to spend her immediate post-graduate years traveling and living abroad. Now poised to move to Canada for a year, Boney’s journey began in Baltimore, where she took the first steps to receive her passport. “It is essential that girls experience all that the world has to offer so they can make informed conscious decisions and become the well-rounded individuals they are destined to be.”

The Passport Party Project will criss-cross the nation within the next two years as a 10-city tour is completed. Friley will host a passport party in Washington, D.C. in October of 2012, while also moving around to other cites such as Denver, Col, Atlanta, Ga., San Diego, Calif. and many points in between. For more information on The Passport Party Project please visit or

Alexis Taylor

AFRO Staff Writer