Chef Darline Dorcely is the general manager of a premium catering company, Chef Lilian, and has a passion for Caribbean style cooking. Chef Dorcely is also the author of a cookbook called “Taste of the Caribbean Cuisine.” (Courtesy Photo)

By AFRO Staff

Haitian-born Chef Darline Dorcely is the general manager of premium catering company, Chef Lilian, based in Connecticut. She inherited her love of cooking from watching her mother pour her love into meals for her family. With deep roots in the Caribbean, it was only natural that Chef Dorcely created a cookbook called “Taste of Caribbean Cuisine” that highlights all of her favorite Caribbean recipes. Below are some questions that Chef Dorcely was able to answer about her latest book: 

Q: What was it like growing up eating the types of foods highlighted in your cookbook?

A: Growing up eating these types of foods was always a joy. The food was always well seasoning, and the taste was different.

Q: What is your favorite dish in the cookbook, and why?

A: My favorite dish from the book is the coconut creole conch. I love seafood, especially the conch. I can cook it in different ways; I can make it into a salad, a stew or sauté.

Q: What advice do you have for new chefs learning to cook Caribbean food?

A: The advice I have for the new chef is to always be willing to learn new recipes from different cultures because you can never know everything at once.

Q: What is your go-to spice that you use for cooking?

A: The go-to spice I use for my cooking is Liline Creole spices. This is the best spice. It gives the food the best taste.

Q: Are there any plans for another cookbook in the future?

A: Yes, there will be another cookbook. I have a lot of recipes that I did not have a chance to add to this first one, and also, I promised some of my customers to give them somevegan recipes.

Chef Dorcely’s “Taste of Caribbean Cuisine” is now available on Amazon.

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