Quan Howell released the single, “Your Energy” and was recently featured in the new film {For the Love of Money}. (Courtesy Photo)

By Micha Green
AFRO D.C. and Digital Editor

Every industry took a hit during the pandemic, and the entertainment field definitely was no different,  but as the world is opening back up, artists, such as Quan Howell, are releasing new work and projects.  Howell recently appeared in the new Melvin Childs film, For the Love of Money, just released a new single, “Your Energy,” and is working on an album, “The Other Side,” to be released in early 2022.

“I started the year out excited, filming a movie, which is a Melvin Childs production called, For the Love of Money, that just came out a couple weeks ago with Katt Williams and LisaRaye and Keri Hilson and DC Young Fly, Remy , so many wonderful people on that particular set. I had the privilege to do that.  And then working on a new EP,” Howell said on AFRO Live.

The new single, “Your Energy” is a bop for all times of the day and any situation.  It’s a love song that makes you feel good without being too gushy.  

“It kind of deals with the realities of relationships. Every relationship is not good, but in the eyes of the individuals that are in the relationship- it works for them, the chemistry works, their energy works together.  We might bump heads, but, which is the chorus of the song that talks about it’s a royalty, fantasy situation for us- like a make believe- because even though we bump heads, it might be rocky a couple days, it might be rocky the day of, we know the essence of why we’re together and why we love each other and our energy matches and that’s what’s kept us together all this time,” Howell said.

Working on For the Love of Money was a “full circle” moment for Howell, who has known executive producer Childs for more than two decades.

“I did a lot of work with Tyler Perry and so did Melvin ,” Howell said. “It all finally worked out.  I played the praise and worship leader for Katt Williams, singing the song that really got me involved in the industry- ‘Hold On Change is Coming,’- that I recorded with the Grammy Award winning group Sounds of Blackness back in ‘97, so it all came full circle.

“The movie is excellent,” Howell continued. “It really tells the tales of what a mother has to do to save her child, and when I tell you, Keri Hilson is a natural,” he emphasized.

As the multifaceted artist, with years in the game, continues to work in the industry, he explained that Black music and entertainment is moving in the right direction.  Howell said he hopes his artistry is adding to the furtherance of the industry as a whole.  

“We have this spirit of perseverance in us and we come up with a lot of creative ways to make sure our voices are heard and that people know what we’re doing and what we’re bringing to the table and I think that collectively as we work together and build together, I think that we’ll be fine.  I think we’ll continue to produce great music,” Howell said.  “R&B is coming back- great R&B sounds, and so that’s what I’m bringing to the table with this new project coming out.  The first part of Spring, I’m telling you, we’ve got some other powerful hits that’s going to help push the narrative of Black music.”

As the pandemic continues, Howell has some advice for aspiring artists who are hoping to create and connect.

“Use this quiet time to connect with what’s inside and ideas that come in your head- be consistent and bring them to pass. The name of the game is consistency,” Howell emphasized.  “When you put all your energy in and focus, all dreams do come true when it’s meant for your purpose.”  

The single “Your Energy” can be found across all platforms or by going to Check your local theatre listings to see For the Love of Money in theaters.

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AFRO Washington, D.C. Editor