By Myra Owens Queen, Special to the AFRO

I posted a selfie, April 26, on Facebook, wearing a mask that I designed and created. The post said “quarantine life made me pull out my sewing machine.  I will wear these to cover my surgical mask. #Covid19

Almost immediately I received numerous comments, some asking if I was taking orders and/or how much was I charging. That was not intentioned at all. I was simply displaying my sewing skills. Most people in my circle, didn’t know I could sew, because I never sew for other people.

Myra Owens Queen. (Picture courtesy of FB)

Well, as a result of the overwhelming response to my initial Facebook post, “Queen Bee Masks” officially launched on April 28 and immediately soared beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I’m receiving orders almost daily, and of course sewing daily. How this all has fallen in place has simply amazed me.

When I learned through the media, that Chef Jose Andres and the World Central Kitchen was working in Baltimore City to provide meals during the Covid19 pandemic, God placed on my heart to donate mask sales proceeds to his organization. I have always admired his mission, passion and commitment.  He is simply awesome.

Working on this project has distracted me from my own personal challenges, and lifted my spirits to new heights.  I have very strong support and support from family and friends, and am now receiving orders from strangers from as far away as Myrtle Beach, S.C.

I don’t believe any of this would have happened if my initial intention had been to simply profit from the tragedy of Covid19. Instead, I believe this was divinely inspired, and is an excellent lesson in what happens when you “give back.”