By Sean Yoes
AFRO Baltimore Editor

It is the consensus of many historians, veteran political observers and everyday people that Donald John Trump is the worst president in the history of the United States.

However, the one area where he excels far beyond his 44 predecessors (beyond his outmatched prowess at mendacity) is his uncanny ability to make every bad situation even worse.

I wrote the following in this column February 3, 2018:

Trump is an enemy of the state…He presses forward, seemingly indefatigable; shredding the Constitution, mocking the rule of law, while undermining the country’s so called institutions of law enforcement, the FBI and the Department of Justice.

As dire and dystopian as that assessment in 2018 seemed, who knew Trump was just getting warmed up.

Sean Yoes

A few weeks ago on June 4,  I wrote the following:

Clearly, Trump is so stupid he cannot comprehend the irony of him speaking about anarchy. He is without a moral core, with no regard or understanding of the Constitution, which he took an oath to defend. He has no concept of that oath. He has no knowledge of history. He has no understanding of governance. He has done more to erode the governing foundation crafted by the co-called Founding Fathers than any president in the country’s history. He embodies anarchy. Trump is the anarchist president.

At the time I wrote that column, we had just passed the threshold of 100,000 deaths because of the coronavirus pandemic in America. Now, just a few weeks later more than 131,000 Americans have died as a result of COVID-19 and Trump’s manifest bungling of the disease’s onslaught from the beginning. How many thousands of deaths would have been prevented had there simply been a competent man or woman in the chair in the Oval Office?

Yet, Trump, like Pontus Pilate has washed his hands (pardon the pun) of coronavirus. He has no clue how to lead in combating the disease and preserving the lives of Americans (as we continue to report, a disproportionate number of COVID-19 deaths have been people of color and the elderly), because Trump’s only concern is self preservation.

A myriad of polls over the last few weeks show former Vice President Joe Biden widening his lead over Trump nationally and in several key battleground states. The Biden campaign has actually raised more money than the Trump campaign recently, a fact that would have seemed implausible about a year ago. Speaking of the presidential campaign, “The Lincoln Project,” a group of Republicans devoted to removing Trump from the White House, has continued a merciless ad campaign that has depicted Trump alternately as a lazy buffoon, a racist coward and a Constitutional heretic, a man undeniably unfit for the presidency. And the chorus of those predicting Trump loses in a landslide in November is growing.

In short, Trump is in panic mode and he is playing the only card he has left in the deck; race.

He has gone from ordering the tear gassing of peaceful protesters in front of the White House in order for him to facilitate a photo op of him holding a Bible upside down in front of a church, to him posting videos of old White men in golf carts yelling “White power” on Twitter. He has defended the Confederate flag and Confederate monuments with renewed zeal in recent weeks.

During a press conference, NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander wondered out loud if Trump would call for the unfurling of the Confederate flag atop the White House. Trust me, If Trump thought it would help him be re-elected, he wouldn’t hesitate.

Just prior to the death of one of our city’s heroes, the Hon. Elijah Cummings, Trump attacked him because he had the audacity to stand up to the 45th president and stand up for the rule of law in America.

During a series of Twitter attacks leveled by Trump at Cummings Republican political strategist and die-hard Never Trumper Rick Wilson proclaimed via Twitter, “Why don’t you just use the n-word and get it over with,” said Wilson July 27, 2019 in reference to Trump’s feud with Cummings. “You’re almost there and you clearly want to.”

Don’t be shocked if you see the stars and bars flying proudly over the White House and Trump refer to Colin Kapaernick as a ni—r on Twitter if the social justice leader and talented quarterback gets picked up by an NFL team this summer.

There is no depth that the 45th president would not sink to in order to have four more years to destroy what is left of America.

Sean Yoes is the AFRO’s Baltimore editor and the author of Baltimore After Freddie Gray: Real Stories From One of America’s Great Imperiled Cities.


Sean Yoes

AFRO Baltimore Editor