By Allen Kawinga
Special to the AFRO

We may be so bolden like fearless warriors
To all the pain you cast on us
Police hunters all over the city
Unhampered us; unable to stay such as we wish
Indeed we have been blacklash by White racist

“For how long.?”
“White,” “Grey,” and “Black!”
All these were called colors
In adornment colorful cakes; all colors were added
Like a good cook who cook cookies
Thus why all be called “colors!”

Even having the color of a pink rose; rose-pink glow roseate
White will never be “Black!”
Black will never be “Grey!”
But indeed we’re called humans

Afro-American thus our nickname
Indeed blessings fall upon on us
In black manner; we gloom in color like valiant warriors
You will never defeat us
In God’s name