By Rosa Pryor, Special to the AFRO

Hello everyone, I hope everything is well with you. I have been a little under the weather with a stomach spasm I can’t seem to get pass, but I am “Rambling Rose” so I have to keep going. I had to spend one day and night in St. Agnes Emergency Room because of pain, but they gave me medication to keep the spasm down to a minimum until I see my Gastroenteritis (GI) next week for a procedure to let me know what in the hell is going on with my stomach. Now friends of mine, don’t worry, I believe whatever they find through this procedure they can fix it. I mean all the bad, bad, bad stuff has been ruled out, such as cancer, tumor, ulcer, and most of all pregnancy.

Okay, enough about me, prayers and faith will get me through this with my husband “Shorty” as a backup!

Hoppy Adams Foundation announces 2019 Essay Contest Winners. L/r is Dr. Larry Blum presented the awards to first ;lace winners, Jibreel Ali of South River High School; second place winner, Mikayla Simms of Annapolis High School and Charles Adams, III the son of the late renowned radio personality, Hoppy Adams. The third place winner was Alexis Seidel not in photo.

Now I want to talk about this fantastic foundation call the “Hoppy Adams Foundation” A foundation I have supported since the beginning in November 2006. This is a foundation that was founded by C.W. “Hoppy Adams” III, the son of the late “Hoppy Adams from out of Annapolis, Maryland. Charles W. “Hoppy” Adams, Jr. was a very popular distinguished Radio Personality and Executive Vice President with radio station WANN located in Annapolis for over 40 years. 

Kelly Carter welcoming Betty Stewart to her beautiful Grid & Wine Restaurant.

I remember hanging out with him back in the middle to late 70s at the station and how got him to volunteer to be my Master of Ceremony to my shows that I booked in the Eastern Shore area. We became good friends and business partners. He was more than a Radio Personality, he was an active community and behind the scene Philanthropist. Thank God for his son “Hoppy Adams III”, his name sake saw a vision along with his partners, Gordenia Henson, Ciara Anguay and Monique Fisher to continue “Hoppy Adams” legacy by forming this Foundation to help children’s education and other programs to promote and provide mentoring and counseling services to youth and adults; facilitate sports and recreational activities for youth and adults. This year the Foundation gave out three deserving student scholarships as they do each year. This year was an Essay Contest. The presentation took place at a luncheon at the Red Lobster in Annapolis. These Scholarships, which honored the memory of Hoppy Adams, the legendary DJ of WANN Radio and Carr’s Beach, will forever be. Thanks “Hoppy Adams III for your love of giving. For more information about this foundation, call 410-266-6996.

Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge, F. & A. M., Jurisdiction of Maryland 1301-07 Eutaw place in Baltimore recently attended our Annual Prince Hall Day Service held in the Samuel T. Daniels Sanctuary, by our Grand Master Emanuel J. Stanley. After the service new street Signs was dedicated. “Prince Hall Mason Way” & “Myra Grand Chapter OES”.

Have lunch with Baltimore’s favorite comedian Ms. Maybelle every Thursday from 12 noon -1 p.m. on 1010 AM WOLB. Her radio show is informative, funny, inspirational, gossip and entertaining, I am telling you with “Ms. Maybelle” at the mike, the station will never be the same. It is one of a kind talk show.

Helen Hughes, one of Baltimore’s Jazz lovers & friends enjoying last concert at the Avenue Bakery on Pennsylvania and Baker Street last week.

Well…….look my dear friends, I am not feeling well at this point, so I will talk to you more next week, right now, I think I am going to lie down. We will talk soon. But remember if you need me, call me at 410-0833-9474 or email me at UNTIL THE NEXT TIME, I’M MUSICALLY YOURS.