Hello, hello, hello everyone! Mannnnn, this is my time of the year. I truly hope that all the mothers through the eyes of my readers had a wonderful weekend and if you didn’t for whatever reason, don’t worry, hold your head up, because better days are coming. My.

Put a smile on your face and come ramble with me. Before we take off, let me tell you that last weekend I went to and covered two successful events. One was the MULBA event, hosted by Dr. Louise Johnson at the Patapsco Arena and I was one of the honorees and the other was the Motown, R&B event hosted by Billy Taylor at the 5th Regiment Amory. Girlfriend! What a wonderful weekend. I did see many of you at both events. Thanks for making me feel special.

Now, get your calendar out, mark these dates down and let’s ramble! The Eubie Blake Cultural Arts Center & Jazz Institute, located 847 N. Howard Street is really doing their thing this year. I am so proud of them. The different art and jazz shows featuring local artists and musicians has kept this venue in the forefront thanks to the director and a community leader, Troy Burton. On Sunday, May 20th the Muse 360’s Annual Awards Benefit will have their event at the center honoring Troy Burton and Maysa Leak with a cocktail reception, live music, dancing and more. The time of the event is 4-7 p.m. For ticket information, call 410-225-3130 or email info@muse360.org.

Continuing on with the Eubie Blake events; they are hosting, a “Gala Fundraiser Concert” featuring four dynamite, talented and gifted musicians who go by the name “JumpStreet.” Join them for a great evening of music, food and fun in support of the wonderful facility and their continued goals to educate, entertain and empower our vast Baltimore community. The gala will take place on Saturday, May 26, 7-11 p.m. at the center. For reservations and ticket information, call 410-225-3130.

The board of directors of St. James’ Cultural Academy, which is an after school program for some children in the Harlem Park area is having a concert to raise money for the program. It is a program to help the students academically but they also take them on culturally enriching trips. The program is free for the kids so they have to raise money. In reply to that, they are having a concert on Sunday, May 20th at St. James Episcopal Church, at Lafayette Square, 1020 W. Lafayette Avenue in Baltimore. For more information, call 410-523-4588.

“Battle Stage Plays” is doing a casting call on Saturday, May 19th and Saturday, June 2nd from 1-5 p.m. at the Waxter Senior Center, 1000 Cathedral Street in Baltimore. They a looking for performers of various nationalities; ages 18-80, who are actors or actresses, female models with acting ability, singers, musicians (organists & pianists only) with acting ability; full figured models and senior citizens with acting ability. For more information, call 443-531-4787

Speaking on children and music, but as many of you know, the Rosa Pryor Music Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for talented and gifted children, who presides in the state of Maryland between the ages of five and seventeen. The funds can be used to pay for music lessons, voice lessons, purchase or rent musical instruments, or help pay for intuitions in a music school such as School of the Arts, church schools, private schools, etc. To apply, submit an application and a non-returnable recent photograph via mail. (Applications/photographs submitted via E-mail are not acceptable.) Applications can be downloaded at our website, www.rosapryormusic.com. The deadline for submitting applications is July 31st, 2012. Please contact Dr. Donna T. Hollie if you would like additional information.

She can be reached at 410-358-9875 or E-mail at DTH1800@aol.com. Also, if you are interested in becoming a member of the Rosa Pryor Music Scholarship Fund, Inc., we’re having a membership drive at this time. If you love music and want to help a child reaches their goal with their gift in music, than join us. For more information, call Rosa Pryor at 410-833-9474 for application and details.

Oh my goodness! I am already out of space. Terrible situation! I have to go now, but if you need me, just email me at rosapryor@aol.com or give me a call. UNTIL THE NEXT TIME, I’M MUSICALLY YOURS