NEW ORLEANS (AP) — It’s a big weekend ahead for Louisiana-grown Lil Boosie, who for the first time since his prison stint will take the stage in his home state with performances scheduled in Lafayette and New Orleans.

In an interview with The Associated Press, the rapper — whose real name is Torence Hatch — said he can’t wait to get on stage Saturday at Lafayette’s Cajundome and Sunday at the Lakefront Arena in New Orleans.

“Man, they can expect to see a great show,” he said. “I’ve got songs planned from 1998 until now. They can expect to be sweaty when they leave because I’m gonna have them jumping the whole time. They can expect a performance they ain’t ever seen.”

The Louisiana concerts follow a sold-out April 11 performance in Nashville’s Municipal Auditorium that also included appearances by rappers Young Buck and Yo Gotti.

“It was beautiful,” Hatch said. “Every song I sung, they knew it word for word. I was running on adrenaline man; I was just grateful to be back on that stage.”

He said he arrived at the arena early. “I was not nervous,” he said. “There were no butterflies. I was ready to go!

“As soon as I came on stage, they went crazy. It was like I never left. It was a real special moment.”

He said he expects to feel even more support when he performs in Louisiana.

“I’ve been the man in Louisiana forever, for a long time. They’re ready to see me again and I already know it’s gonna be a big turnout,” he said. “I’m just ready to get that love, which motivates me to work even harder.”

Asked whether there were any surprises planned, Hatch said he’s got a few but wouldn’t divulge details. “You’ve got to buy a ticket and come out to the show to see,” he said.

He said fans can expect to hear music from “Super Bad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz,” which he released a couple of weeks before he went to prison and possibly some new music too.

While imprisoned after a 2009 drug conviction, Hatch said he wrote 1,018 songs.

Since his release, he said he’s been working on a double disc that’s nearly finished and he plans to drop two new singles — “She Wants Some” and “Here We Go Again” — in about two weeks.

“We’re getting the videos in place right now,” he said.


Chevel Johnson

Associated Press