Despite being absent from the start of training camp because of a back injury, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is still providing the team with valuable insight. The 10th year starter suggested to reporters this week that the Ravens could be a favorable situation for free agent signal caller Colin Kaepernick. The former San Francisco quarterback has yet to receive heavy interest from teams despite leading the 49ers to a Super Bowl appearance in 2012 against Flacco’s Ravens. Kaepernick experienced several controversial moments last season when he repeatedly kneeled during national anthems in protest of the growing number of unarmed Black motorists being killed, drawing the ire of numerous critics. Before the controversy, Kaepernick was an up-and-coming dual-threat quarterback who could outrun secondaries. Now, he’s been blacklisted from the league arguably because of his political beliefs in spite of which Flacco believes he would make a good fit in Baltimore. Perry Green and Stephen D. Riley of the AFRO Sports Desk debate if the Ravens should kick the tires on Kaepernick.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco (l), Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh (c), and free agent signal caller Colin Kaepernick.(r). (AP Photos)

Green: Yes. Of course. Baltimore knows how it is to have Flacco sidelined and can’t afford to go into the year with their starting signal caller nursing a back injury. Signing Kaepernick would give the Ravens and coach Jim Harbaugh a peace of mind and instead of hanging every single hope on the back of Flacco. No pun intended. Each team has to have two capable quarterbacks in the NFL and current backup, Ryan Mallett, had his chance as a starter and he failed miserably. 

Riley: Baltimore should pass. Flacco is known for his bouts of inconsistency and having Kaepernick in the fold could provoke the fans to start clamoring for the backup the minute Flacco has a bad game. Besides, while I love what Kaepernick did last season in protesting, the scrutiny that came with it would be a huge distraction from the team should the media start making last year’s rebuttals a bigger deal than what they should be. 

Green: Flacco has a championship under his belt and a history of stepping up big in the playoffs. He’s the quarterback of this team until they bring in some shiny new draft pick to take over for him. Kaepernick won’t unseat Flacco, he’ll be a solid backup who will play his role to the fullest and give the Ravens a security blanket which they clearly need. Mallett threw at least five interceptions in the team’s first practice on July 29, alerting Baltimore to an even bigger issue with Flacco resting. Plus, Ravens fans are accustomed to seeing a mobile backup quarterback in Baltimore. From Troy Smith to Tyrod Taylor, Flacco has always had a fast, mobile guy backing him up. It’s good for scouting purposes and simple just to throw something different at defenses from time to time. It might not be a matter of should the Ravens sign Kaepernick but when

Riley: Baltimore needs a backup quarterback but it doesn’t need the public relations nightmare. Kaepernick is a big name and has big game experience. But Flacco, aside from one season, has been an iron man in the NFL. Securing a capable backup is a must but not at the expense of creating locker room divide. Especially for a quarterback who’s started 138 of 144 possible games in the NFL. He’s proven durable and Baltimore doesn’t need to risk the media attention for an issue that really isn’t an issue.

Perry Green and Stephen D. Riley

AFRO Sports Desk