Timeless, soulful, classic and simply “good music” is what Grammy-nominated Jagged Edge (JE) has delivered for more than a decade. A breath of fresh air and a positive replenishment of what has been missing in the world of R&B, Wingo, Kyle and twins Brandon and Brian are back with their golden seventh album, The Remedy, to be released in June.

With a medley of ingredients that are reminiscent of their hits “Let’s Get Married,” and “Walked Outta Heaven,” Jagged Edge unapologetically sings about love, life and the truths of relationships. The vintage project offers a sexy and mature sound produced by Brian Michael Cox, Cool and Dre, Drummer Boy, Lamb, and Jim Johnsen. The album also features collaborations with rappers Gucci Mane and Trina.

Jagged Edge’s new single, “Tip of my Tongue,” is just an appetizer of what the album uncovers. They are gentle, down-home southern brothers that poetically talk to the AFRO about The Remedy. Grab a seat.

AFRO: Hi fellas, you know your fans miss you.
JE: We miss them, too. How are you? (They speak in unison.)

AFRO: All is well and we are so glad that you are back. How long has JE been gone from the music scene?
Wingo: About four years.

AFRO: So talk to us about “The Remedy.”
Wingo: We are the remedy! We are bringing good music, heartfelt songs with a blend of the old and new.
Brian: This is the take over. This album is like vintage Jagged Edge. It’s trendy, classic and at the same time, it is what is happening now.
Kyle: It’s all about love at the end of the day.

AFRO: Does JE write their own songs?
Wingo: We write all of our songs.
Kyle: We write 100 percent of our songs. We vibe off of each other.

AFRO: Wow. As you may see and hear the music of today, it seems to be missing a lot of love and is somewhat over-sexualized. What do you think?
Kyle: God is love. Without God you have nothing. The music is missing God and as a result it is missing love.
Brandon: You must have respect and love for the craft. All music and singers must have balance. Balance is the key to everything.

AFRO: Wow. How could you not love “Let’s Get Married,” “Promises,” “Walked Outta of Heaven,” and “Keys to the Range?” How do you think this album will make the connection with this generation?
Brandon: As a group we struck that chord along time ago. We are a real group. And I believe this generation wants the realness and real music. We are real and we give love.
Brian: When you’re young it’s all about being cool and down-to-Earth. To be honest we want to spread a message to this generation that there is nothing uncool about singing about love or being in love. Love is cool.

AFRO: Speaking of cool and uncool, the controversy of how Black women are degraded and negatively portrayed in both music lyrics, music videos and media is an issue that comes up all the time. Most recently, in “Psychology Today,” a blogger by the name of Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa wrote about this topic: “Why Are African-American Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?” How would JE respond to that?
JE: What? Are you serious?
Wingo: I don’t care what he has to say or what anyone has to say about Black women. That’s a damn lie. Black women are made by God and they are simply beautiful.
Brian: Stamp that for all of us.
Kyle: He’s an a–hole. Are you writing that down? Yea, write it down. You know what the real problem is, a strong Black woman is the most feared and scared of. There is nothing more profound than a strong Black woman and the world is still not ready for that.

AFRO: Love seems to be the focus again on this album, are any of you married?
JE: Wingo is….(the group sings in unison)
Kyle: He’s married because he found some who loves him for him and they are compatible.
Wingo: Yes I’se married.
Brian: We all want to be married.
Brandon: We all have children that we love. And I want to be married one day.
Kyle: It’s all about finding that right woman.

AFRO: Do you do any work in the community?
Brian: We have our foundation, For the Love of My Children. We go to the schools and talk to the kids and show them love. We have had the keys to the city before and from the beginning we have always been a part of the 100 Black Men Coalition.

AFRO: Any message you want to leave to JE fans?
Wingo: Get “The Remedy”…It’s like Kanye said, “good music.”
Kyle: This album has a lot of energy. It has that spark. It’s about singing songs where he’s building you and you are building him. At the end of the day it’s all about love.

“The Remedy” is in stores June 21. For more information visit jaggededge.net.


Brandi Forte

Special to the AFRO