The Truth Inside Africa

Thoughts of Africa draw images as diverse as the people residing on the massive continent. But according to Noah G. Kumi, author of The Truth Inside Africa, much of those thoughts are inaccurate and marred by the aftermath of colonial invasion.

The book is an educational guide that explores Africa’s rich history, people, traditions and current economic state. The Cape Coast-Ghana-born author said he was inspired to write the book after people around the world asked questions like, “What is the language of Africa?” and “Who is the president of Africa?”

Determined to educate people about his homeland, Kumi, who is now a missionary based in Trinidad and Tobago, penned The Truth Inside Africa as a resource for the international community.

Final word: The who’s, what’s, where’s and when’s of a misunderstood continent.
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Queen Pin

Jemeker Thompson-Hairston hasn’t lived an ordinary life. She was a powerful woman in a dangerous arena generally led by ruthless men – the drug trade. In Queen Pin, Thompson-Hairston shares her life of mayhem and crime during the ‘80s and ‘90s as she ran one of the nation’s most successful drug cartels.

Her love of money created a maelstrom of devastation, and Thompson-Hairston’s drug reign eventually landed her in jail for 12 years. During this time, she found God and vowed to change her life. Queen Pin is a testament to her evolution.
Final word: A eye-opening look into the underground drug world through the author’s redemption tome.

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Music at the Crossroads: Lives and Legacies of Baltimore Jazz

Described as the first book to analyze and celebrate Baltimore’s “underappreciated jazz tradition,” Music at the Crossroads delves into the lives and loves of famed entertainers like Eubie Blake and Calloway, who hail from the city. Also discussed are lesser known talents like Ellis Larkins, Hank Levy and Ethel Ennis, who were popular acts on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Edited by Mark Osteen and Frank J. Graziano, the book also analyzes Baltimore’s current jazz music scene and reflects on the Left Bank Jazz Society.

Final word: An important glimpse into Baltimore’s music history and some of jazz music’s legends.

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