The Prince George’s County Redistricting Commission has made recommendations for changes to the councilmanic districts in Prince George’s County that effectively merge the entire rural tier of the county.

The commission’s recommendations have brought virtually all of Upper Marlboro together into one district. District 9 would be the new home of the Marlboro Meadows, Villages of Marlborough, Kings Chase and Fox Run developments in the county’s seat. District 9 would lose areas west of Andrews Air Force Base, including the area immediately surrounding Branch Avenue Metro Station.

It makes the area’s population more consistent in that District 9 will no longer have the two identities of balancing development and preserving the rural tier.

District 8 would lose areas of Marlow Heights and Temple Hills, but would gain areas in Suitland, west of Joint Base Andrews, including the Branch Avenue Metro Station.

District 7 would gain the previously mentioned areas of Marlow Heights and Temple Hills from District 8 with only minimal losses in District Heights and Capitol Heights.

District 6, which is currently waiting for a new councilmember would lose the aforementioned neighborhoods in Upper Marlboro, but would gain the area of Central Avenue east of Crain Highway, the areas immediately surrounding Fed-Ex Field and an extended portion of Capital Heights along Central Avenue.

District 5 would lose the previously mentioned areas in Capital Heights as well as areas in Mitchellville and Springdale, but it would gain the Lanham-Seabrook area and East Riverdale, including the New Carrollton Metro Station.

District 4 would encompass most of Bowie, Mitchellville, Springdale, Woodmore and Fairwood. It would lose areas in North Bowie including Bowie State University.

District 3 and District 2 saw very little change. District 3 would gain much of Greenbelt, including the Greenbelt Metro Station – only losing the East Riverdale area while District 2 would only gain a small portion of Hyattsville.

District 1 would lose just a small portion of Greenbelt, but would gain the large geographic area of North Bowie, a target area of transit-oriented development near the Bowie State MARC Station.

The commission, created by the County Council, is chaired by Sharon R. Taylor, director of Communications and Public Affairs in the Office of the Sheriff. Joining her on the Commission are former councilman and State Sen. David Harrington, D.-Dist. 47 and attorney and Maryland Consumer Council appointee Tamara Davis Brown.

The commission is currently working on finalizing the plan for final submittal to the county council by Sept. 1. The Council will then have 30 days to hold a public hearing on the plan. If no changes are made, the plan will become law on Nov. 30.


George Barnette

Special to the AFRO