While most women rely on fate to meet their future husbands, an Arizona relationship coach guarantees that her program will help participants find a mate in 12 months or less.

Christine Pembleton, president of Ready to Be a Wife, said that her company has helped many women across the U.S. find their soul mates in an amazingly short amount of time.

According to Pembleton, her drive to create the company occurred after she was experiencing her own relationship problems.

“I remember being single and saying, ‘why is so difficult?’ I didn’t think it was supposed to be this way,” Pembleton said in a recent interview with the AFRO. “I realized that I needed to think differently and have a marriage mindset.”

Shortly thereafter, she found love and got married. But while her relationship problems were solved, she wanted to help other women who were experiencing similar problems.

In 2009, she released a book entitled, “Lord, I’m Ready to be a Wife” which later went on to be a bestseller. But while the book targeted Christian women, she wanted to help women of all faiths.

That desire led her to create the Ready to Be a Wife firm and the Date to Marry Method program. Under this curriculum, Pembleton formally teaches women the “how-to’s” of dating.

She explained that she breaks down the Date to Marry Program into three parts: “clarify, connect and continue,” and enforces these points through a series of tele-seminars, workshops and training programs.

“By ‘clarifying,’ we help women find what they know they want,” Pembleton said. “Most women don’t know what their looks like. Then with ‘connect,’ how to connect in a really genuine way. With ‘continue,’ I help them get over their barriers, fears and inhibitions. When you do these things, relationships happen naturally.”

Her clientele ranges from single mothers to successful business owners and executives, who often come to her after having trouble balancing careers and relationships. For these women, Pembleton says she implements strategies in dating that they could relate to.

“ it’s not that deep, you’re not thinking about closing a sale, you’re only thinking about meeting new people and building relationships,” Pembleton said. “I use business references because they understand that.”

She said her participants’ success following the program is astounding. Her Web site boasts a bevy of testimonials and praises from a variety of women.

“We have four women who are married now, two people that are engaged to be wed in 2011 and four women who are dating, but are surrounded by different men who want them and they’re deciding which one they want to choose. Our program is six to twelve months, but after that time if you’re not married and still surrounded by men, who are all eligible and interested in you, are you going to be upset that you’re not married yet? Of course not.”