An Atlanta-based relationship coach and motivational speaker wants women to know he has a sure-fire remedy to cure cheating.

In How to Master the 7 Most Effective Ways to Keep Your Man From Cheating, K. L. Horsley offers what he calls the best menu to maintain a man’s fidelity.

“After speaking with men from all walks of life about infidelity and what it would take for them to be faithful and loyal to one woman, I found that there are seven things men needed from their women in order to commit to a monogamous relationship,” he added.

The seven methods of preventing men from cheating, according to the book, include communicating effectively with your man, showing interest in your man, giving him space, cooking for your man and to never stop dating your man.

“While most women blame men solely for cheating, they too hold some responsibility,” Horsley said in a statement. “There are things they can learn and practice to keep their man faithful – and my book bares all. I’m passionate about decreasing the destruction that cheating creates in a committed relationship, leading most to be destroyed irreparably. Thankfully, women can stop this pattern of behavior by adjusting their own.”

In an interview with the AFRO, Horsley expanded on his motivations.

“I wanted to help women who wanted to know what it would take to keep their men faithful to them, from a man’s point of view. I was tired of hearing about how men cannot be faithful and that ‘All men are dogs,’” he said.

“So after years of compiling them, I put them in a clear and straight-to-the-point how-to guide for women.”

Horsley also encourages women to up their game in the bedroom. “I let women know that sex is mainly a matter of release for men and the object here is to keep him completely satisfied by knowing and making it their business to keep their men, DRAINED,” he said.

Lastly, the relationship coach said, a woman must maintain her appearance to prevent their man’s eyes from wandering. “I let women know that if they intend on keeping their man’s attention. They must always be on-point from head to toe, everyday-because the competition from other women is too great,” he said.

Asked about the role of personal responsibility—on the man’s part—in preventing cheating, Horsley punted the ball back to the women in the relationships.

“If you are talking about a man’s personal responsibility to ensuring that he remains faithful while engaged in a committed relationship, I will say that my seven most effective ways if followed to the T by women will ensure he does stay faithful—GUARANTEED,” Horsley said.

More information on Horsley book is available at http://www.howtokeepyourmanfrom-cheating.com/

Zenitha Prince

Special to the AFRO