“When I think about the time Michael Dunn will serve for the obvious criminal acts he committed surrounding the murder of young Jordan Davis, I suppose one can say, that’s partial justice. Unfortunately, no sentence on Dunn’s despicable acts on Counts 2-5 speak to justice for the actual murder of Jordan Davis.

We must continue to pray for Jordan’s parents that someday they will know that justice has been served for the senseless murder of their son. No matter how long Michael Dunn serves in prison for his other actions, if there is no time served for the murder of Jordan, the message is clear that there is no such thing as equal justice under the law in Florida.

All of us can show our disdain for laws that so blatantly discriminate against Black young people by voting in every election in every state until “Stand Your Ground” and other discriminatory laws are off the books and can never serve as an easy way out for criminal behavior against any human being.”

BLESSINGS ALWAYS, E. Faye Williams, MPA, PhD, D.Min, Esq.
National Chair, National Congress of Black Women, Inc.
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“It is through our struggles that we gain our victories.” Dr. E. Faye William