One of my fondest memories is from early 2007, getting up at 5 am to drive to rural W. Virginia to canvas for a little-known young senator who was running for president. I got there early, so my contact person had not arrived at the little storefront office. The lights were off, but i knocked anyway because the town was unfamiliar and I was alone. Someone in a t-shirt & work pants came up from the back of the store. He was backlit, so I only realized when he opened the door who it was. Flummoxed to see him there at such an hour on a Sunday, I shouted: “Elijah Cummings!” then , fearing I was being too familiar, “I mean The Honorable! We love you!” He laughed and let me in. I asked, “But seriously, how do you find the time?” “I make the time,” he said. “I make the time.”

We are so deeply grateful.

Jo Brown
Baltimore Ceasefire Ambassador