Just when the Tiger Woods adultery scandal seemed to be dying down, new rumors have cropped up that may cause the superstar golfer’s marriage to officially end.

Woods reportedly confessed to sleeping with more than 120 women throughout his five-year marriage to Elin Nordegren, including an affair with one of his neighbors, Raychel Coudriet.

The rumor was first reported by the National Enquirer on April 29, the same day Woods began play at the Quail Hollow Championship, his second event since returning from a leave of absence from golf.

According to The Enquirer, a source close to the couple says Nordegren is now prepared to divorce Woods.

According to the report, Woods gave his wife a four-page list of all the women he has cheated on her with, compiled during his sex-addiction therapy at a Mississippi clinic. The list didn’t include his neighbor, but Nordegren apparently still found out about the affair.

“The one mistress Tiger Woods never wanted exposed was Raychel,” a source said, according the New York Daily News. “He knew that she would be the one-night stand that could utterly destroy his marriage.”

If true, that may explain why Woods struggled in the opening round of the Quail Hollow Championship. Woods shot a 2-over-par and finished the round tied at 67th place with a score of 74. He stands nine strokes behind score leader Bo Van Pelt.

“I was struggling so bad today,” Woods told reporters after the round. “I didn’t know which way it was going to go. I was just trying to piece a round together…It was just one of those days.”

Tiger returned to the links on April 30 for the championship’s second round. The Quail Hollow Championship is a four-round event that will conclude on May 2.