Local activist PFK Boom berates the Rev. Jamal Bryant on video. (You Tube)

(Updated 5/29/2016) In a video uploaded by local activist group Baltimore Blocc on May 25, a local activist orders the Rev. Jamal Bryant, pastor of one of the largest churches in Baltimore and one of the stars of an upcoming talk show on Fox, to get out of Baltimore or face the consequences.

The exchange between the two men was shot at one of the regular vigils held for Tyrone West, a Baltimore man who died after a struggle with police in 2013. None of the nine officers who allegedly pepper-sprayed West, and hit him with their fists and batons faced charges in his death. West’s death was eventually attributed to a heart attack.

Bryant briefly flirted with running for Congressman Elijah Cummings’ seat last year and was photographed with presidential candidate Bernie Sanders when he came to Baltimore. He is a well-known activist in addition to his religious duties, and has been a prominent voice against police brutality. However, according to The Baltimore Sun, Bryant also faced allegations earlier this month that he fathered a child out of wedlock.

Challenging Bryant in the video is Davon Neverdon, who goes by the name PFK Boom. According to The Guardian, Neverdon rose to prominence following the Baltimore riots of April 2015 as a member of a group of reputed gangsters who sought to improve the city and end police violence; he has also campaigned to restore voting rights to felons. In 1993, Neverdon was charged and ultimately acquitted of the murder of Towson State University student Joel J. Lee.

In the video clip, Neverdon calls out Bryant for the pastor’s insufficient support of local activist concerns.

“We don’t want you nowhere in our city…You disrespect our streets,” he said to Bryant.

He goes on to say that Bryant is a collaborator for working with “oppressors” such as Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, and a host of others.

In the three-minute video, Bryant remains calm with Boom.

“The streets don’t want you here. I’m speaking for them. So if we see you here…,” Boom said before raising his arms in the universal symbol for the possibility of serious consequences if his request is not followed. As Bryant walks away by himself local rapper Shy Lady Heroin delivers a verse that re-iterates several of the same points Boom made previously.

A representative for Bryant did not return calls for comment by press time.

WARNING: The following video contains profanity that some viewers may find offensive.