It looks like music is getting a new R&B and Hip-Hop duo. Detroit’s own “Roc” lyricist Brittany Elliott and “Stea’D” vocalist Jessica Lamarre are LIVE Record Label’s debut duo, Roc Stea’D.

Music lovers have witnessed several failed attempts by groups to blend R&B and Hip-Hop but according to the ladies of Roc Stea’D that in no way foreshadows their future.

“Our music is much more eclectic and the sound is broader and it comes across in the music as a wonderful balance,” said Brittany. “I honestly can say our style hasn’t been offered by anybody else.”

The duo’s debut mixtape, No Red Light is introducing them to world, their first single, “Stack Big Faces” is very fun and playful. On the track Brittany sounds a lot like TLC’s Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and Jessica’s tone is almost identical to R&B singer Monica’s.

The ladies say their sound is just as varied as their influences.

“Being in a group with a singer I have to be versatile and be able to adapt to whatever the music has to offer,” said Brittany. “In my car right now is Lil Kim, Adele, the new J. Cole album and Taylor Swift — I’m just a lover of music as a whole.”

Often times groups form organically with people that they grew up with or actual family members, but Roc Stea’D’s story of transforming from background dancers to musicians is a little unique.

“We didn’t even have the idea to come together; it was actually James Terry’s idea. He found out I could sing through my voicemail and he knew Brittany could rap so he had the idea to put us together,” explained Jessica. “Before we started it was a revolving door of girls in the group but Jessica and I were always the last two standing. I’m in a group with an amazing singer and an awesome writer and that comes out in our songs,” continued Brittany.

As for the song that made James fall in love with Jessica?

“I think the one he heard was actually one I wrote — but yeah he called me, I didn’t answer and he heard me singing like a cornball,” laughed Jessica.

The group is confident that they are true artists and that is exactly what sets them apart from any of their predecessors.

“The definition of being an artist is being yourself, you can’t hide that or make it a gimmick. As long as you are being true to yourself than you are an artist,” said Brittany.

Roc Stea’D’s mixtape, No Red Light can be download on iTunes.

Marcus A. Williams

Special to the AFRO