Wichita State’s upset victory over No. 1 seed Gonzaga on Saturday March 23 highlighted the first half of the NCAA Tournament’s ‘Round of 32’. Gonzaga hadn’t lost a game in weeks but that’s why they call it March Madness because any team has a fighter’s chance in the NCAA Tournament.

In eight games played on Saturday, Gonzaga was one of only two higher seed teams to lose to a lower seed as every other higher ranked squad handled their business. No. 4 seed Saint Louis also fell victim to the madness, falling badly to No. 12 Oregon.

Check the scores below:

No. 1 seed Louisville crushed No. 8 Colorado State, 82-56.

No. 9 Wichita State beat No. 1 Gonzaga, 76-70.

No. 12 Oregon crushed No. 4 Saint Louis, 74-57.

No. 4 Syracuse beat No. 12 California, 66-60.

No. 3 Marquette edged No. 6 Butler, 74-72.

No. 6 Arizona crushed No. 14 Harvard, 74-51.

No. 3 Michigan State crushed No. 6 Memphis, 70-48.


Perry Green

AFRO Sports Editor