A White man from South Carolina is in jail for allegedly killing his Black co-worker and dragging him for more than 10 miles with his truck, according to the Associated Press. Authorities believe the murder may have been a possible hate crime.

“We’ve not been able to rule that out,” Reggie Lloyd, chief of the State Law Enforcement Division told the AP. “You have to chase that down as an angle of this.”

According to authorities, Anthony Hill, 30, and Gregory Collins, 19, were at Collins’ home in Newberry, S.C. on June 2. Collins shot Hill in the head and attached a rope to Hill’s body and the back of his pick-up truck. He drove the vehicle for several miles until the rope broke. Authorities traced the bloody trail left by Hill’s body to Collins’ home. When authorities arrived, Collins refused to come out of his home, but he eventually surrendered after they threw tear gas inside.

The two men had worked at a Louis Rich chicken processing plant in South Carolina and investigators said the two men went shooting together on June 1.

Following Collins’ arrest, South Carolina investigators found over 20 guns in his home. According to The State newspaper, authorities found 20 or more assault-type weapons, a shotgun, numerous pistols, ammunition and knives.

“We want to know, did he possess these weapons to do harm?” Sheriff Lee Foster told The State. “Did he possess the weapons for sport? Why was he so infatuated with weapons and did those weapons have anything to do with the lead-up to the death of Hill?”

A coroner ruled that Hill died from the single gunshot wound before being dragged. Collins is currently being held in Newberry County, S.C. Jail. He was read his rights on June 3 and his bond will be announced later in circuit court.