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The Anna V. Waters Scholarship fund is specifically for African-American students, graduating with a “C” average but are good students who wish to pursue higher education. (Courtesy of unsplash)

By Nicole Batey
Special to the AFRO

Let’s face it, finding money for college can be a real challenge, even if you’re an “A” or “B” student. The Anna V. Waters Scholarship Fund is specifically for community-oriented African-American students completing high school with a “C” average, or 2.0-2.9 grade point average, and demonstrating the potential to be successful in post-secondary study.

This scholarship fund, created in 2010, is named for Anna V. Waters (1918-2006) to honor her memory and legacy. Waters lived, worked and raised her family in Baltimore. She was a woman of strong work ethic and values, who believed in “doing for self,” and committed to making education accessible to everyone.

The scholarship’s board believes all students deserve the opportunity to learn, be acknowledged for their accomplishments, and pursue their goals and dreams. Since the scholarship’s inception in 2010, they have awarded students more than $46,000.

Fifteen students nationwide were awarded scholarships for the 2021-2022 academic year. Scholars included new and returning students. Dayson Brooks, who received his third scholarship this year, said, “Like so many others, I have been struggling with the various obstacles and hardships presented by this year. However, receiving this scholarship has offered me some relief. I’m very grateful for this scholarship.”

Students who receive an Anna V. Waters scholarship are also expected to stay in touch with the board, and provide updates about their progress. Jaelyn Chase sent a letter on her progress at North Carolina A & T University in which she wrote, “you are a part of my village.” She also made the Dean’s list and attached a copy of her grade report to document the fact.

In addition to having a “C” average, African-American high school seniors who want to apply for this scholarship must: be planning to attend a college, technical or vocational school; demonstrate good character and commitment to community; and exude the potential to do well in college, technical or vocational school.

The Anna V. Waters Scholarship Fund is invested in helping make post secondary education more accessible for African-American students who might not have a high grade point average academically, but are overall good students who just need opportunities.

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