The Metropolitan Police Department is searching for suspects involved in a shooting in Northeast D.C. on Aug. 26 that resulted in a double homicide, according to police reports.


Around 11:33 p.m., police responded to the scene of a fatal shooting in the 300 block of 34th Street, NE. Police said Raeshard Blue, 40, and Treyvon Johnson, 27, were found on the sidewalk out front of a Northeast residence suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

Both victims were unresponsive and received medical treatment, according to police reports. One of the victims was transported to a local hospital where he died, the other died at the scene of the incident, police said.

No arrests have been made. “This is still an ongoing investigation,” Alice Kim, a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police Department, told the AFRO Aug. 29.

A third victim survived after being stabbed multiple times in the upper body. Police said the victim was found near the scene and was transported to an area hospital for treatment.

In addition to the stabbing and shooting the shots fired damaged property in the surrounding area including three vehicles, according to the police.  There have been three homicides in the immediate area as of Aug. 31.

However, even with the recent incident, the District has seen a 2 percent decrease in homicides from 105 homicides at this time in 2015 to 90 homicides as of Aug. 30. D.C. has also had a five percent decrease in property-crime from 20,068 incidents in 2015 to 19,007 incidents as of Aug. 31, according to data provided by the department.