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    National Memorial Ceremony Norway

    Source: AFRO-Europe The Government of Norway holds a national memorial ceremony in the wake of the attacks 22 July on the Government buildings and on Utøya. The ceremony takes place in Oslo Spektrum on Sunday 21...

    UK Riots Bring Back Memories in France

    Source: Deutsche Welle Clichy sous Bois is a mere 15 kilometers (nine miles) outside of Paris, but it feels worlds apart. To get there from central Paris, you have to take the metro, then a...

    Iraqi Youth Use Hip Hop Music to Ignite Hope in Their War-Torn Environment

    Source: Aljazeera Iraqi youth find new outlet in rap By combining folklore with western-style beats, Iraqi youth have created their own form of hip-hop music. Read more on Aljazeera   Read more on Aljazeera

    Did Mark Duggan Shoot at the Cops Before They Killed Him, Starting the British...

    Source: The Voice NEW EVIDENCE has revealed that Mark Duggan, the man whose death has triggered riots across Britain, did not shoot at police before he was gunned down in north London, last week (Aug...

    What’s Happening to Nigerian Women in Italy?

    Source: ALJAZEERA Every year thousands of West Africans migrate to Europe in search of a better life. But for some, that search will end in tragedy as they fall victim to organised crime gangs. In one...



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