By Niele Anderson

Senator Harris’ recently coined a phase “I’m that little girl” referencing her inner-city upbringing and bussing, recently her West Los Angeles office was filled with young girls from the LA inner city.

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris has 5 satellite offices in the state of California located in Fresno, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles and an office on Capitol Hill, Washington DC. She has a staff of about 60.

The Senators State Director Heather Hutt recently provided a group of young ladies from the Brotherhood Crusade youth source program an opportunity to experience a day in the life of the Senator’s work and the team that helps her get it done.

Kamala Harris’ State Director Heather and Brotherhood Crusade president Charisse Bremond with the young ladies as they tour the office.

Charisse Bremond president of the Brotherhood Crusade accompanied the group of young ladies and stated, “Heather Hutt said, we need to do a lunch and learn at the Senators office, I said that’s great, when, and literally within about two weeks we put it together and here we are”.

Hutt and the Los Angeles staff greeted the girls at 10am and began with a video conference call with all 6 offices reporting in on the days events. From the Fresno office helping a daycare center open on time, the San Diego office reporting on Immigration detention centers and checking on detainees, to the DC office reporting on legislation, the staff shared with the young ladies their roles and responsibilities and their passion for what they do.

Hutt stated, “It’s a good idea to mentor and teach. Exposure always helps students understand how this operation works. We want to give students the opportunity to participate in the process”. She continued, “we have an internship program that has several different sessions winter, spring, summer and fall. There in all five state offices and in Washington DC. In California we take high school and college students, in DC they take college students”.

With passion to get the word out Hutt continued, “There all kinds of things they can do, in DC they have a communications office, field operations we have many opportunities and we cross train.”

The young ladies also took a tour to understand more of what happens in the Senator’s office, even taking a tour of the Senators personal office. Next the ladies had a Q&A portion.

15-year-old Gayeland Fuller of J.C. Fremont High School 15 stated, “Today I received help and resources. Not only did I receive help for myself, I received help for others and I can help someone. She continued, “I want to thank Senator Harris for running for president and being a Senator. I received a lot of information and found something I actually want to do. I might get into politics soon. I know its someplace my voice can actually be heard as a 15-year-old child. I received love and courage today.”

This article originally appeared in The Los Angeles Sentinel.