Dora Evans

“While it’s difficult to determine the intentions of all illegal immigrant, I believe immigrant women and children should be sheltered by the U.S. because some of them are coming from places of hardship and are looking for a better life. Each of us are Americans today because our parents, grandparents or great grandparents were born in another country. Would it have been right for them not to have been given an opportunity?”

Aissatou Boye

“I believe the U.S. should shelter immigrants because they are coming to escape the problems in their own country. immigrants crossing the border is inevitable so providing a home for them is the best option for the U.S. It’s a very debatable decision, however, if my family was faced with this situation, I would appreciate a place to stay.”

Jared Morris

“The United States should shelter immigrants that are coming across the border. This country is built on immigrants and to now block anyone who’s coming in would be truly un-American. People are coming to this country to realize and pursue the American Dream and the United States should encourage that.

Rufus Atkins

“I think they should check the people. I don’t say no, because the people are leaving for a reason but not everybody who’s leaving just comes. I would say yes but it should be limited and it should be a process.”