When Yemi Ojutiku was in New York City two years ago, his friends encouraged him to compete for Cosmopolitian’s Bachelor of the Year. He went for it and although he did not win, he received daily emails from single ladies searching for the same thing as Yemi: A compatible mate.

Cosmo set up an email for him DCbachelor11@gmail.com, which he still responds to, so women who are interested can send him a quick note. Yemi admitted that, at first, “it was kind of weird doing the email thing,” but he responded to the notes that sparked his interest.

The 27-year-old tax attorney received his law degree and master’s from Georgetown University in 2009 and 2010 and currently resides in Washington, D.C. He describes himself as “competitive, confident and a total type A” and loves it when a woman tells him he’s smart.

So why is Yemi single? He blamed on it law school and his job.

“I started law school and that was demanding. It wasn’t going to be fair to date anyone at that time,” he said. “It’s hard to meet people when you’re working.”

He admitted that he dated and even met someone appealing who was far away, but things just didn’t work out. His last relationship was in 2005, his junior year in college. This bachelor said he is “tied down to D.C. and N.Y.”

In a woman, he wants “someone who is really positive,” charismatic, funny, caring and intelligent with a nice smile and pretty eyes.

In his Cosmo interview, he said on his first date, he would take the lady to a cooking class and “make something spicy.”

Since the end of the competition Oct. 16, this eligible bachelor has appeared on the Insider TV Show and has been contacted to model.

“I have been contacted by some casting agencies and model agencies, but I don’t know if I’ll take any of those opportunities,” he said.

The best friend who nominated Yemi said he is “very loyal, and his smile lights up the room.”

The bachelor is still taking emails ladies.