The son of former state senator Michael B. Mitchell, Sr. has been found safe, according to Keiffer Mitchell, Jr. a family member. Michael B. Mitchell Jr., a former attorney, had been reported as being last seen on Sept 26, the same day he was disbarred from the practice of law; and until recently, the last communication from Mitchell, Jr had been via a text message on Oct. 6, according to Keiffer Mitchell, Jr,.

Mitchell. Jr. ran his own private practice until he was disbarred for not keeping a client informed about a case that involved the client. He was also accused of distorting the case to the client, according to the Attorney Grievance Commission documents.

Mitchell, Jr. did not respond to the Grievance Commission and failed to attend a Court of Appeals hearing for the case.

It was unclear where Mitchell, Jr. was found.

Mitchell, Jr.’s father, Michael B. Mitchell Sr., was indicted and jailed for his involvement in the Wedtech Scandal in 1987. He was also disbarred and jailed as a result of stealing insurance money from a murder victim’s 3-year-old child according to the Baltimore Sun.

Mitchell, Jr. is the grandson of civil rights activist Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. and the nephew of former Maryland Congressman Parren J. Mitchell.