Boxer “Sugar” Shane Mosley will reportedly be forced to relinquish three championship belts to his ex-wife, Jin, as part of their divorce settlement.

According to a document obtained by celebrity news Web site TMZ, Jin “shall maintain custody and control of three championship belts for each of the respective parties’ three minor children.”

Reportedly, each of the Mosley’s three children will receive a belt once they turn 18 years old.

Jin will also receive half of all profits for recordings of Mosley’s blockbuster fights, including bouts with Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto and Fernando Vargas. She will also receive half of all bout purses earned during their marriage.

The couple married in November 2002 but separated in January 2009. In that time, Mosley fought in 11 fights. Jin, Mosley’s former boxing manager, filed for divorce in 2009, citing irreconcilable differences.

Although the settlement seems like a major financial gain for Mosley’s ex-wife, in a 2009 interview with, Jin said the divorce was not about a monetary triumph.

“This has never been about money with me and anyone that personally knows me will vouch for this,” she said. “People think I am at home shopping all day. I worked hard for our life and never was one to overspend or sit around all day.”