Producer and director Will Packer (“Stomp the Yard” and “Obsessed”) confirmed on February 13 that the release date for his new movie “Takers,” has been pushed back until August.

The movie, which features an all-star cast including Chris Brown, Idris Elba, Matt Dillon and T.I., was originally slated for release in late February, but Packer said the delay is just the nature of the business.

“There are so many factors that go into the release date of a film. Some of it on the corporate side with Sony and their release schedules—they had a lot of films bunched up at the beginning of the year,” said Packer. “I wanted a date that worked the film and my audience. T.I. is in it and his album is going to drop around the same time as the movie and there was another similarly-themed movie dropping . So you have to factor in so many things—actors’ availability to do press, and stuff like that.”

“Takers” is about a group that pulls off sophisticated heist jobs all over Los Angeles, and is Packer’s first action movie. He said he’s thrilled with his work, even if the public won’t get to enjoy it until late this summer.

“I had to call up my mother like, ‘Momma I blew up a helicopter today. It was so cool,’” he said. “So I’m excited about that project.”