By Micha Green
AFRO D.C. Editor

COVID-19 has changed the world as many know it, with schools going virtual, proms and graduations canceled and the inability to hang with friends. Young people are feeling the sting of the pandemic and its influence on their personal and academic lives.  

“The change has been drastic because we went from one day, being able to go outside and play with our friends, go to the playground or spend time at the mall and things like that to having to self-quarantine ourselves-to basically just putting ourselves at risk by going to the mailbox to get your own mail,” 14-year-old Reagan Nevels told the AFRO in an exclusive Facebook Live interview.

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues, 14-year-old author and motivational speaker Reagan Nevels, is offering hope and inspiration. (Courtesy Photo)

Nevels, a motivational speaker and author, has been using the time in quarantine to continue inspiring others. On Easter Sunday she held an Instagram Live at 7 p.m. to address her fanbase and those interested, on how to remain hopeful, optimistic and productive while quarantined.

“It’s about encouraging people to have hope and not to be fearful under the circumstances that we’re in,” she said during her press tour marketing for Sunday’s Easter address. 

The teen, who has authored two books, ‘Vision Collision’ and ‘Why Wait? Your Time is Now!’ said she hopes to use her platform to motivate her peers.

“I want to be that positivity, I want to be that hope for my generation… because I don’t really see anybody else out there that’s inspiring people and giving them hope to continue to move forward with this,” she said.

“One thing the importance of not wasting time, because time is the one thing that we’ll never get back… And I think it’s extremely important to spend this time wisely and to use it with your family.”

The 14-year-old emphasized that children should be most mindful of time, as their current status offers opportunities that won’t be around in adulthood.

“I got into this for my generation, because I feel like our generation has been skipped, because we’re out here wasting our time as children,” Nevels said. “We spend 17 years as children, and I always say there’s no problem with hanging out with your friends, there’s no problem with having fun, but we have 17 years that we don’t have to pay bills, we don’t have to have responsibilities, so we can use this time towards accomplishing our dreams and goals.”

As someone who has accomplished her dreams, publishing her first book ‘Vision Collision’ at 12 years old, Nevels offers major advice on achieving goals through her literary works. Her soon to be released book published by Premier Publishing, ‘Why Wait? Your Time is Now!’ is in the process of completion.

“What I love about both of these books is that they go hand in hand. And I started something with Vision Collision that is picked up in Why Wait? Your Time is Now!. Vision Collision is based on my four-step formula, which is: Think, Write, Believe and Achieve. And my message is to use my four-step process to help you accomplish your dreams and goals right now, because you do not have to wait to accomplish your dreams and goals, you can accomplish them right now while you’re still a child,” the teen said. “And even if you’re 90 to 100 years old, you are still living and breathing on this earth, so you still have the opportunity to accomplish your dreams and goals, by using my four-step process. And I continued that with my new book, Why Wait? Your Time is Now! because I talk about the importance of not waiting.  You can’t just try to accomplish your dreams and goals and say you’re going to do it later, or procrastinate, but you have to know the importance of not waiting, because the next moment is not promised to you.”

 A champion for optimism, Nevels said she recognizes the immense challenges and concerns that COVID-19 present, however, the 14-year-old offers an antidote- hope.

“It’s perfectly understandable why people would be scared and fearful at this time, because people are passing away… and there’s no way you can really control it. But, if you think about it, those people are going to pass away whether you are fearful, or whether you’re hopeful. And the only way to properly get through this situation is by being hopeful, because if we get through this situation with hope, we can come out prosperous and we can come out stronger as a family and as a community,” Nevels said.

Micha Green

AFRO Washington, D.C. Editor