A Maryland man who fatally shot a firefighter he mistook for an intruder will spend four years in prison.

Darrell Lumpkin received a four year sentence after he fatally shot a Prince George’s County firefighter who he thought was breaking into his home. (Twitter photo)

Darrell Lumpkin, a Black man, who is a resident of Temple Hills, Md. was sentenced April 14 to four years in prison.

Lumpkin fatally shot John Ulmschneider on April 15, 2016. Firefighters had been called to Lumpkin’s home in Temple Hills, Maryland, to check on his welfare. When he was unresponsive, they forced their way in. Lumpkin then fired several rounds. A second firefighter, Kevin Swain, was injured in the shooting along with Lumpkin’s brother, who was accompanying firefighters.

A grand jury declined to return an indictment for murder. But Lumpkin was charged with illegal possession of firearms because he was ineligible to own weapons as a result of a previous conviction.

Lumpkin will report to prison in mid-May.