The nation has paused to remember the event and reverence the lives of those lost when terrorists toppled the Twin Towers of New York City’s world trade center, September 11, 2001. Innocents were lost, first responders did just that – they went into the unknown holocaust to save others and many lost their own lives. The country pauses to remember safer times, when a 9/11 could not have been imagined – pauses to remember better times, when people rushed to the rescue of any and everyone in need – pauses to remember…

AFRO journalist Valencia Mohammed talked to native New Yorkers and sojourners on the street who came to hold vigil at the memorial to life that has replaced the monument of treachery. They all remember where they were, what they were doing, their first realization that their world had changed.

Remembering a loved one. Outside the Port Authority.
  Ribbons of remembrance at St. Paul’s Chapel.
  A moment of reflection.
A t-shirt worn proudly commemorating a loved one. Mar Lo, Alex McFried and Joey Fronto wear their memorabilia at the tenth anniversary of the Sept. 11 Attack on the US. “My girlfriend was on her way to Florida to visit her mother when the attack happened. That flight never took place,” says Joey Fronto. “I worked at the World Finance Center as a metal refinisher. Everything stopped. We were laid off for years. I haven’t been in this site for a longtime. I just can’t do it.