Terrance Howard, Malcom D. Lee, Stanley Clarke

Actor Terrence Howard.

Actor Terrance Howard, 45, may be in trouble financially, thanks to his ex-wife Michelle Ghent. The couple was only married for a year, and did not have any children. However, it is an arrangement that is certainly bearing a lot of trouble.

According to Ghent, Howard owes her about $325,000 in support. Howard claims his income is only $5,878 a month, making it nearly impossible to pay her that much and not go broke. Because he is requesting the judge throw out his settlement with Ghent, Howard released his financials early.

Howard has not been in too many movies this year, although he was just in the blockbuster movie {Think Like A Man Two}. Howard usually plays roles in movies that do really well in the box office.

He is also claiming Ghent blackmailed him into signing the spousal support agreement. According to {NewsOne,} there were allegations of physical abuse, restraining orders, racist name-calling, threats of property violence, and death threats.

Before Ghent, Howard was married to Lori McMasters for 14 years and claims he is giving a portion of his salary to her and their three children.

Despite these problems, Howard has found love again and has remarried to a Canadian named Miranda he had only known a month.


Courtney Jacobs

AFRO Staff Writer