Bowie teenager and Elizabeth Seton High School sophomore Daryll Ana Selden, 15, can now add entrepreneur to her list of accomplishments.

After being invited to travel to Europe with the People to People Student Ambassadors program, she needed to raise $7,000 to pay for the trip. Her parents, Angelina and Daryl Selden, told her they would pay half. Daryll Ana accepted the challenge to raise $3,500 for her part.

Searching the Internet for ideas for fundraisers, she came across a knitted scarf. Working with her mother and older sister Angelyna, 17, Daryll Ana came up with a business plan. She estimated that she could fashion the designer accessories for about $9 each. She decided to show her appreciation by writing a note to thank each buyer. She purchased yarn and knitting needles and pretty pink bags in which to place the finished scarves for delivery. She priced her handmade accessories at $14, allowing her to make $5 in profit on each piece.

Daryll Ana’s marketing campaign included reaching out to relatives, friends and people in the neighborhood. A mother of two of her close friends agreed to allow her to sell them at her hair salon. Daryll Ana designed a poster, purchased a basket to display the scarves at the salon and even placed a mannequin dressed in a tee and draped with a scarf to show off her masterpieces.

Several weeks into the endeavor, she has raised about $1,500! The scarves are so popular that several of her customers have purchased two or three and have given them as gifts. Daryll Ana, who aspires to be a pediatric oncologist, said she is considering expanding her business as a summer job when school is out, but will soon close down shop to focus on her studies for the rest of the semester.

“I’m really proud of myself and I really thank all the people who supported me by buying my scarves,” she said. “I am thinking about maybe making scarves this summer or for the holidays so that people can give them as gifts.”

The AFRO salutes Daryll Ana and other Baltimore-Washington area young people who are doing fantastic things!

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