Actor Hosea Chanchez aka Malik from the BET #1 hit series The Game sat down to discuss the fun drama, new cast addition and the new set of the sitcom’s fifth season premiering in January.

“I’m eating, sleeping and breathing the The Game. We are working 20-hour days sometimes trying to get the show ready for the fans,” said Hosea.

The young actor is telling longtime lovers of the first four seasons of the series to brace themselves because singer/actor Brandy is going to bring the heat on season five as the sassy drama filled, Chardonney.

“One of the biggest changes this season that the whole cast is excited about is having Brandy join. She is going to bring the fire to the show as only Brandy can do,” said Hosea. “She’s causing a lot of fun problems.”

Rumors are flying that the top selling R&B vocalist will be permanently replacing actress Brittany Daniel as Kelly, Jason’s (played by actor Coby Bell) love interest on the sitcom.

When asked for clarification Hosea somewhat skirted the issue and said, “If she wants to be back next season she might be back but I know she is here for the entire 22 episodes of this season.”

There is another surprise that Hosea, Brandy and the rest of the cast has for fans.

“One thing that’s most noticeable this season is the set and the living space that the characters live in and where we take the audience to,” said Hosea. “We are taking everyone on a journey and showing things we have never showed before. It definitely helps to add to the storyline – I can’t wait for the fans to see it.”

Hosea says, what has made their intense shooting schedule the most bearable the last few months is not only the new addition to the show or the amazing new locations they are shooting in but the close bond that he has with everyone on the team.

“What I admire about them most is that they are so real and grounded and very approachable people and manage to maintain their celebrity and their lives,” said Hosea. “I didn’t want to get caught up in the business and lose myself and they have helped me to do that and stay grounded.”

The fifth season of The Game premieres on BET 10 p.m. EST, on Jan. 10, 2012.

Marcus A. Williams

Special to the AFRO