Baltimore native Tavian Quinn is passionate about fitness and healthy living, a lifestyle more people are adopting as obesity wages an unprecedented war against against Americans’ waistlines and longevity.

As the fitness model studied to become a nurse, she unknowingly forged a new career path. Quinn hungered for more knowledge about the science of body structure and its functions, quickly learning that a misshapen body was detrimental to her health.

Quinn’s good looks and toned physique landed her in Los Angeles where she pursued a career in acting and modeling. Despite the stress of a fickle, competitive industry, Quinn said she exercised daily to remain marketable. Fate, however, would dictate otherwise and the budding entertainer decided to redirect her path.

Back in Baltimore, Quinn struggled to establish a vocation that would satisfy her modeling, acting and fitness dreams while also affording her financial success. But it wasn’t until she began working with personal trainer and motivational speaker Pierre Parker, owner of Oasis Specialized Private Fitness, that fitness modeling became Quinn’s ultimate aspiration.

The certified nurse and cosmetologist, who has appeared in a number of video and print campaigns, said coming back to Baltimore was a difficult, but necessary transition.

“It was hard to make the adjustment, but what dream ever comes easy?” said Quinn. “I had to make this my hob and my life. This is how I did learn to accomplish my love to be fit.”

Here, Quinn shares her personal fitness tips and explains why the road to fitness may not be simple.

Have a goal. Make the goal your own and no one else’s.

Know your body inside and out. Experience what your mind and body needs to be successful.

Choose healthy lifestyle habits. When you’re healthy, your body is ready to do what you want and need it to do.

Be consistent. Make your life easy and predictable, keep schedules and ritual a part of your life daily and consistently so there’s no room for guessing or last minute choices.

Find a safe haven or a special place like the gym, yoga studio, home, park, etc.

Surround yourself with positive energy. If not, you’re not feeling a situation, leave it. You can’t afford interruptions.

Get educated. Learn about your craft.

Preparation is essential. Be ready to eat properly, prepare for photo shoots and auditions. Make your food the night before, learn to market yourself and be prepared for any and everything.

Have a support group. Family, friends and trainers can always keep you motivated, but be mindful of the ones that may impede your success. Don’t dismiss them, but temporarily remove them from the equation.
Interact with others in your field. Get to know other trainers and fitness models.

Stay focused. This is the most important, but it won’t be hard if you do the above.

Tavian Quinn is always training for her next show or appearance. Learn more about her at