I would like to take this opportunity to clarify fact from fiction in your latest article, “Cheatham’s Campaign Slammed by Posters,” as well as give the readers of this historic publication a glimpse into the real Conaway campaign designed for the citizens of this great city.

First and foremost, any indirect insinuation that I, or any member of my family, had anything to do with the disgraceful campaign ads put up throughout the 40th district attacking the credibility of Mr. Cheatham are blatantly false and extremely disheartening. For someone to hold up one of my campaign posters next to a despicable attack ad aimed at a candidate for a legislative district race that has absolutely nothing to do with my citywide run for Register of Wills, is both disingenuous and politically naïve.

Mr. Cheatham’s quest is to become one of three state delegates in a legislative district where my brother Delegate Frank Conaway Jr. has, since 2006, been the top vote-getter, by continuing a family legacy of working on behalf, and in the best interest, of the voters. My family has a proven track record of running clean campaigns and serving the interests of the citizens of this city, without ever taking money from special interests; thereby eliminating the notion we can ever be bought and sold or serve the interest of anyone but the voters themselves.

Even the author of the photo used by the Afro in this article, who insinuated we may have had something to do with these posters, has since rescinded his allegations and apologized to my family for not first contacting us to clarify these disgraceful allegations by Mr. Cheatham.

I have elected to seek the office vacated by Mary Conaway, who without blemish has served the citizens of this city for 30 years as a proactive Register of Wills before retiring in December 2012. It is through her continued leadership that I learned how to be attentive to the needs of all area residents, voters or non-voters, and to educate the electorate on the very important needs of having a documented will upon their death – or the death of a loved one. It is her distinguished public service, along with the decades of leadership shown by my father, Frank Conaway Sr. – who has served the citizens of this city since 1998 as their Clerk of the Circuit Courts – that has brought me to offer my own service to the citizens of Baltimore.

I have no time, or need, to enter into any form of political trickery or deception; nor do I have a need to discredit the characteristics of a man who has continued to consider my family an ally and friend for the past two decades. The people of this city deserve more, and it is our intention to give them just that, as we seek to restore the public trust, serve the needs of all Baltimore citizens and offer an open-door policy of public service that has graciously led to the re-election of my family to various positions since the 1970s.

If Mr. Cheatham wants to blame anyone for these political attacks, he should first clarify the difference between fact and fiction before making outlandish and unsubstantiated allegations. He should then move on to addressing the real needs of the voters of his district. For my family and I, will continue to offer the citizens of this city true public service and leadership, void of partisan and petty politics, giving them a real choice of leadership in the upcoming June 24th Primary Election.

I hope readers will consider giving us their vote, for as time has revealed, we will not take that vote for granted. We will continue to put buffoonery behind us as we serve their many interests. Thank you and God Bless!

Belinda Conaway is a candidate for the office of Register of Wills for Baltimore City.