By Rev. Dorothy Boulware
AFRO Managing Editor

Once again, the AFRO is doing something brand new; an entire week of firsts, as we launch a podcast, a Baltimore column, a text service and AFRO News@Noon all while celebrating the first anniversary of our highly successful live show, The Chicken Boxx.

The week will begin with the AFRO newsroom opening on Facebook at noon, Oct. 4, for news talk; a discussion of what’s hot, what’s imperative, what’s earth shattering and what’s actually fun in the community. Journalists will be on hand to discuss their stories and the interesting experiences and people they encountered along the way. 

This innovative, interactive show will be hosted by News Editor Jessica Dortch with regular participation by D.C. and Digital Editor Micha Green, Alexis Taylor and other AFRO writers and editors.

Megan Sayles (Courtesy Photo)

Monday’s show is live, but followers can expect new and breaking stories on AFRO.com at noon every day. Just search the hashtag, #AFRONews@Noon.

“Nearly 130 years ago, my great grandfather, John H. Murphy Sr., had a vision that the AFRO would grow from a bi-weekly publication to a weekly publication and eventually to a daily source of news and information for our community. Well, that day has arrived and we are proud and excited to premiere three new digital offerings: AFRO News@Noon, The Moore Report and the podcast, ‘Pleasure Doing Business With You,’” said AFRO Publisher and CEO Frances “Toni” Murphy Draper.

“These are in addition to our popular Facebook live show, The Chicken Boxx; live celebrity interviews and the many other things we offer via social media and AFRO.

Megan Sayles, a member of the Report for America Corps, a recent graduate of UMCP and the newest member of the editorial team is the host of “Pleasure Doing Business With You,” to be released Oct. 5.

“I’ve always wanted to have a podcast and the fact that the AFRO has afforded me the creative space to produce it means so much to me,” said Sayles. “If you’d asked me five years ago if I would be hosting my own podcast fresh out of college, I would have told you, ‘no way.’ I do not take this lightly and I’m excited to recognize young Black entrepreneurs who are paving their own paths to success.”

Texting “AFRO” to 410-936-5002 will open access to yet another new service, and garner information exclusive to subscribers.

“Connect with the AFRO team directly by signing up for our free text message service. We will share the stories we think you absolutely need to read, reveal behind-the-scenes notes about our reporting process, and tell you about upcoming events and interesting things to check out,” according to Dana Peck, director of Digital Services.

“We also want to hear from you! Text us back with your questions and feedback.”

It’s just that simple.

On Oct. 6, the inaugural edition of The Moore Report will be posted online. Ralph Moore is a signature Baltimorean with a world class education. He’s a justice fighter, an avid reader and warm fuzzy grandfather of four. He and his wife, Dana Petersen Moore could single handedly save the world if loving made it so. His most recent pieces have included;

*Honoring the life of Tupac Shakur: A poet, a prophet and a beloved son…

*HBCUs make upward mobility happen for Blacks

*The Ten Bears: Not a fairy tale, a storybook team

*Bishop Douglas I. Miles:  His work continues to speak for him

On Thursday, The Chicken Boxx, which always runs at noon, will have a lively discussion, as always, including sharing all that’s going on at the AFRO.

The AFRO is approaching its 130th year of presenting the most salient news for and about African Americans and these actions are mere steps along the way to a still unimagined future.

While maintaining the important emphasis on the legacy edition that is printed weekly, the attention of the AFRO team is intently focused on the multiple social platforms that have garnered awards and acclamation.

“The launch of premiere week illustrates just how committed our team is to create new and engaging content for our readers,” Sayles said. “News is constantly adapting and changing, and the AFRO is dedicated to keeping our content fresh.”

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