Three African American women quit their jobs to start a business about something they were more passionate about, an all-natural skin and hair care company. In 2012, Baltimore’s own Tehma Smith Wilson, Michelle Davenport Johnson and Ronae Brock created Earth’s Enrichments, a line that uses wholesome ingredients to make both lavish and affordable.

“We didn’t feel comfortable producing a product that could harm someone further down the road, so we definitely knew we wanted to have the best ingredients that were also pure,” said Johnson in an interview with the AFRO. “We wanted to do things with a clear conscious and wanted to ensure a quality product.”


Co-owners Ronae Brock, Tehma Smith Wilson and Michellle Davenport Johnson created Earth’s Enrichments, an all natural USDA Organic Certified skin and hair care line in Baltimore.

After struggling to find products that suited the various needs of their diverse family members, the trio decided to create their own line that could benefit all ages, backgrounds, and ages. The best way to do this was to choose all natural and USDA Organic Certified ingredients. “Our whole entire process speaks to the integrity of our products, our company, and us as individuals,” said Wilson. What makes Earth’s Enrichments unique is that their company uses fresh and safe ingredients, rather than cutting corners by using cheaper chemicals and preservatives like their competitors. Their products are free of sulfates, artificial coloring, parabens, phthalates, petroleum and GMOs. They are also cruelty free and almost all of their products are both vegan and gluten free.

“Having customers come back saying that they really love your product, that’s another sign that we’re doing the right thing. We’re providing the right products for our customers who love and appreciate it and need it,” said Brock.

The three friends started off solely doing skin care, creating one of the few USDA certified soap bars. However as natural hairstyles increased in popularity, so did their demand for quality hair care. “Currently our most popular products are our hair care products,” said Wilson. “We started working on our haircare line due to the demands of our customers. They were loving our all natural skin care and kept asking for haircare.”

As women of color and business owners, they each have seen the value of Black owned business and how it can help the community. “It’s important for us as African Americans to initially realize the buying power that we have in general. And then it’s important to be responsible to use that buying power within our own community to support our community, to uplift our community and to give back to our community. If you support Black businesses then in return Black business have the responsibility and will be able to support the Black community as a whole,” said Wilson.

“It’s important to invest and promote within the African American community because we certainly do that beyond the community,” said Brock. “Although we want support from everywhere and our products are designed for all skin types, body types, genders, and racial context.”

Earth’s Enrichments can be purchased at Whole Foods, Dawson’s Market, David’s Market and online at their website From September 14-21, readers can receive 25% off any order using the promo code AFRO.

The company strives to combine their morals, personas, and love for skin care to create something positive that gives back to the community. “We try to be role models, not just for our children and the people in our family, but for women in the community,” said Wilson.